Welcome to Jettway Performance

Welcome to Jettway Performance!!! We are the fastest growing music performance studio in the state of Arkansas.  We specialize in providing kids and adults of all ages one on one first class music and performance training. We are also one of the only studios in the entire mid south that actively takes their students to perform in real music venues and community events.  Our instructors are all active entertainers and have recently performed with national stars such as Brad Paisley, Bobby Bones, and many others!  We provide multiple other services such as song writing sessions, stage performance, stage presence, intro to acting, brand building, and pageant mentoring!  Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can take your musical ambitions to the level you desire.   

Jettway Performance To Launch Jettway Radio!  

Jettway Performance is excited to announce the launch of the first ever Jettway Radio! This will be an online radio station everyone can listen to at home, in your car, or any smart device. The station will be hosted by mostly Jettway students and the music content will be made up of our students. There will be live shows, recorded interviews, Live Remotes, and so much more! There will also be classes for basic radio knowledge.  Contact us today for more information!! 

Jettway Performance Set To Open Full Recording Studio!  

Jettway Performance is excited to announce we are officially opening a full recording studio. The studio will be located inside Jettway Performance. This will provide even further first class opportunities for our students.  This will help educate both our beginner and advanced students on the recording process. Students will be able to record their original and covered songs in this studio. Contact us today for more information!! 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Music This Christmas!  

Give your child the gift that can last a lifetime this Christmas with their very own private music instruction. Jettway Performance is quickly growing into one of the top music and performance studios in Arkansas. Our multi Award winning staff offers professional instruction and opportunities found nowhere else in the State. Our 4,000 sqr foot studio and personalized classrooms allow our students to learn at a fast rate as well as make new friends along the way. Ready to take your talents to the stage ? Our performance and artist development opportunities are unmatched. Our students will once again perform at local and professional venues all across Arkansas and the Mid-South in 2019. Contact us today by Facebook or by phone at 501-231-7440 for information. 

The 2018 "JETTSPY" Awards Set For Saturday Night December 15th!!! 

The 2018 Jettspy Awards and nominees have officially been announced!!! This night we will honor Jettway Performances most outstanding students that were eligible for 2018. Jettway is home to many of Arkansas' elite and upcoming artist and musicians. The awards show will be loaded with exciting performances as well as hosted by Pool Boy from Alice 107.7. The show will take place at the Ron Robinson Theater in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Voting for the nominated students will begin Monday October 8th. Tickets are available at Jettway Performance for purchase while they last. 

Jettway Acting Team Presents "Around The World"  

Jettway Performance is proud to announce our 2018 "Around The World" acting performance. This exciting show is being held at the 200 seat Argenta Theater in North Little Rock. There will be over 25 students participating.  The show will begin at 630pm Saturday night October 27th.  Providing first class opportunities in professional venues for our students to perform is just one of the many things we offer at Jettway Performance. Contact us today on how to get your child into one of our fabulous programs. 

New Performance Room Creating Excitement!  

The Jettway Performance Rehearsal room at the new studio is creating a big buzz. It has already been a favorite from much of the local media and is quickly becoming a favorite of the students as well.  In this rehearsal space the students are able to get a true feeling for being on stage and gaining live experience.  The room is equipped with a state of the art sound system, Instruments, professional front and back lighting, as well as a band conference room and dressing room.  The students are able to simulate many situations they will encounter at live events. 

Jettway Toddler Music!  


Jettway Performance is excited to announce our newest program "Toddler Music". The program is open to any child between the ages of 2-4 years of age. It is geared for a very beginner introduction and understanding of music.  The classes are made up of roughly 6 toddlers per class. Contact us today for information on enrolling!

Jettway Performance New 4,000 sqr ft Studio Now Open!!!  

The new 4,000 sqr ft Jettway Performance Studio is now officially open!! The Grand Opening was celebrated and attended by hundreds of local residents, news media, and visitors from around central Arkansas. The new venue now has multiple guitar rooms, piano/vocal rooms, state of the art waiting room, drum room, and much more! It also has a full sized acting and multi purpose wing of the facility as well as a first class musical rehearsal space with sound, lighting, and instruments on the opposite wing. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about our specialized programs.

New 4,000 Sqr Ft Jettway Performance Studio Set For Grand Opening! 

This Friday night January 27th Jettway Performance is set to open our new 4,000 Sqr Ft studio facility.  This new facility will allow us to provide the same professional music and acting lessons as well as giving us the opportunity to add more instructors and lessons to offer. Toddler Music, Band Groups, Show Choir, Acting, and advanced piano are just a few of the new classes we now offer. We also now have a full sized acting room as well as a full time performance room for students to enjoy and better enhance their experience.  This is all on top of our first class guitar, piano, voice, drums, and many other instrument lessons we currently offer. Join us this Friday night at 7pm for the ribbon cutting ceremony and party! 

Give Your Child The Gift Of Music This Christmas!!!  

Give your child the gift that can last a lifetime this Christmas with their very own private music instruction.  Jettway Performance is quickly growing into the elite musical performance studio in Arkansas.  Not only do our students have access to professional one on one instruction, but we are one of the only studios in the entire mid south that regularly takes our students to perform at live community events, Festivals, and real music venues. Our instructors are all active entertainers and over the last 2 years performed along side many national acts such as Brad Paisley, Bobby Bones, Sister Hazel, Thompson Square, and Granger Smith to just name a few! We currently have open enrollment for full time students for 2018.  We also have custom certificates for your child or special someone to open on Christmas morning.   Join the studio that is truly changing the game and acquire skills and memories that can last a life time at Jettway Performance.  

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  • Judy Beth

    Judy Beth Sheridan

    I have a three year old who is gravitating towards percussion. Would you be able to give me information about the toddler music class? Thank you very much.

    I have a three year old who is gravitating towards percussion. Would you be able to give me information about the toddler music class? Thank you very much.

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