List Of Services

GUITAR LESSONS:   With each session specially geared towards skill level and musical interest, students will learn all the ins-and-outs of guitar in a manageable and logical order. Beginners primarily start out with simple guitar anatomy, fret board knowledge, and chord structure. More advanced students will cover advanced music theory including modes, complex rhythms, and how to utilize them; understanding and composing both diatonic and non-diatonic compositions; as well as all other nuances of guitar including but not limited to stage presence, dynamics, rigs and setups, the recording process, live sound, and guitar etiquette in the recording studio, at sound check, and during interviews/media appearances.


VOCAL TRAINING:   Being a vocalist comes with a large level of responsibility and an even larger payoff. Whether your desire is to be the front-man of a band, solo artist, backup singer, choir member or maybe you're looking to add voice to your resume on top of an instrument to increase your value, Jettway Performance helps mold you into the vocalist you strive to be. Vocal health and correct breathing techniques are vital to a long prosperous career. Once the foundation is laid and the direction is determined its time to begin the wonderful and customized journey to an amazing future!   



PIANO  LESSONS:    Whether you're beginner or advanced, Jettway Performance has an outlet for you. Our student based approach is geared toward teaching whatever means of reading/playing is most beneficial to you. Whether sight reading sheet music, flowing through a chord chart, utilizing the Nashville number system, or playing by ear, our instructors have what it takes to continue pushing you to the next level.    


UKULELE  LESSONS:  Ukulele can be an exciting fast-track to the joys of music. Much like any other craft, the ukulele has the ability to boast unimaginably entertaining and complex compositions as proven by the likes of  James Hill, Jake Shimabukuro, and Cliff Edwards, just to name a few. However, the ukulele is also one of the best "gateway" instruments for a young musician aspiring to venture into the world of stringed instruments. It gives younger and newer players, who may not yet have the dexterity, motor skills, or attention span to learn guitar, the opportunity to get involved and get a head start on finger control and basic music theory.



DRUMS:    The heartbeat of the band! When a young musician sits down at his/her first drum set, to say all the bells and whistles can seem a bit overwhelming is an understatement. Jettway Performance takes the mystery out of this intimidating instrument by initially breaking the kit down piece by piece. Once the student has an understanding of how the kit functions its time to get busy. More advanced students may cover reading sheet music, playing in different time signatures, performing to a click track, recording, and much more. 



BASS:     Jettway Performance offers lessons for beginner through advanced bass guitar. Feel like going fretless? No problem! We also offer instruction for Upright Bass. 



HIGH SCHOOL BAND INSTRUMENTS:     Whether brass, woodwind, or any other family of high school band instruments, Jettway Performance has instructors that are able to introduce new-comers, as well as polish the skills of seasoned musicians in any family family of instruments. 



VIOLIN/CELLO: Jettway Performance now offers lessons for violin/cello players. Be sure to ask about availability as these spots fill up fast!  



ACTING:    The student will learn basic knowledge and performance skills including but not limited to vocal control, inflection, body language, improv and confidence strategies.



STAGE/PERFORMANCE TRAINING:  Don't just sing and play, truly study how to perform. The student will concentrate on specific strengths and weaknesses while performing and public speaking,  Techniques such as strategic body language, utilizing stage props and group connection skills are taught as well as learning how to overcome stage anxiety.  The student will gain the confidence to be more comfortable on a stage of any size, and be better equipped to engage crowd participation and convey feeling and emotion while performing.

SONG WRITING:   Turn those scattered thoughts into a masterpiece!  Students will collaborate exclusively with Jettway instructors to construct an organized outline and composition of a song. Help with lyrics and word-play may also be provided while still staying true to the student's taste in music and writing style.


RECORDING STUDIO:   Jettway Performance has an in-house recording facility with state of the art equipment to be able to put your creativity and talent into a recording. Jettway has all of the tools needed to be able to record, mix and master your project.


MUSIC VIDEO SERVICES:   Whether you have finished up an original piece, or have a cover song you would like to promote your cover of, Jettway Performance can provide you with a professional music video or EPK. Jettway has partnered with some of the most talented video crews in the industry to ensure you have all the tools necessary to create a one-of-a-kind music video. 

MARKETING YOUR BRAND:   The student will learn how to effectively web build and market oneself/band on websites, social media platforms and beyond.  Increase your personal knowledge and receive guidance on factors such as image/appearance, planning a budget for advertising, and a detailed marketing strategy.