List of Services We Offer

GUITAR LESSONS (Beginner/Intermediate)   With each session specially geared towards skill level and musical interest, the client will learn a basic understanding of chords, finger exercises, scales, and guitar maintenance.

VOCAL TRAINING   Along with breathing techniques and throat exercises, the client will learn about pitches, notes, harmonies, and inflection. Clients will also gain a basic understanding of head voice, chest voice, and mixed voice styles of singing while increasing range ability.
BEGINNER PIANO  The student will learn simple piano, sheet music, scales, keys, and performing techniques.
ADVANCED PIANO  The student will learn more advanced techniques of playing and reading music.

UKULELE  The Student will learn the basic principles and chords for the ukulele as well as strumming techniques.
DRUMS & PERCUSSION    The student will learn the basic principles of Drums or Percussion such as technique, keeping time, stage confidence and more!!!
ACTING    The student will learn basic knowledge and performance skills including but not limited to voice control, inflection, body language, and confidence strategies.
JETTWAY SHOW CHOIR   This is a new program offered at Jettway in 2018. Contact us for more information.
STAGE/PERFORMANCE TRAINING  Don't just sing and play, truly study how to perform! The client will concentrate on specific strengths and weaknesses while performing and public speaking,  They will learn techniques such as strategic body language and group connection skills while learning how to overcome natural fears of an " audience".  The client will gain the confidence to be more comfortable on a stage of any size!

SONG WRITING   Turn those scattered thoughts into a masterpiece!  Clients will collaborate exclusively with the instructor to construct an organized outline of a song.  Using the clients' personal musical interest, the instructors will assist in creating melodies to new songs.

MARKETING YOUR BRAND   The client will learn how to effectively web build and market oneself/band on all internet based sites, social media platforms and beyond.  Increase your personal knowledge and receive guidance on factors such as image/appearance, planning a budget for advertising, and a detailed marketing strategy.

MUSIC VIDEO SERVICES   Are you an artist or band looking to take your image to the next level ? Let us provide you with a professional music video or EPK.
BASIC PAGEANT PREP   The client will acquire straightforward pageant direction while building self-confidence and fine tuning over-all appearance, wardrobe, stage presence, walk, interview ( if applicable), and pageant etiquette while competing.


STAGE HAIR/ MAKEUP   Let us teach you our personal tips while making you feel beautiful with a performance/pageant ready hair style of your preference and stage makeup!